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Blue Ocean Music Hall

Sea Festival of Trees

Holiday Fun for the Whole Family

2014 will mark the 2nd Annual Sea Festival of Trees held at the spacious Blue Ocean Music Hall, located on the ocean at Salisbury beach.  The annual holiday fundraiser is designed to raise funds for designated local charities, and establish a fun holiday tradition for families and the general public. Businesses, individuals, student groups and families from the surrounding communities showcase their decorating talents for the benefit of two worthy organizations-- Anna Jaques Hospital and the Salisbury Beach Partnership.

Event Dates

Saturday, November 22 - Saturday, December 6


How to Participate:

CLICK HERE to download a Tree Donor Sign-Up form.

CLICK HERE to download a Volunteer Sign -Up form.

CLICK HERE to purchase a Program Book Ad.


Click Here to visit the SeaFestival of Trees Website

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