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Blue Ocean Music Hall

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z107 welcomes Parachute and Plain White T’s thumb

z107 welcomes Parachute and Plain White T’s

with Tommy & The High Pilots

Thursday November 7, 8pm

Price: $21 - GA - Standing Room Only

DOS $24

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About Parachute and Plain White T’s

Plain White T's come from the underground music scene of Chicago where they spent much of their time playing in different bars and clubs, gaining a status for themselves in the city.  Despite what many think, The Plain White T's were not an overnight success. The band had been formed nearly a decade before they exploded on the scene in 2007 with their single "Hey There Delilah". The addictive single was released in May of 2006 but didn't catch on with the airwaves until June of 2007 and finally hitting #1 in July.  The song became the most played song on the radio and #1 download in the U.S.  "Hey There Delilah" brought the band two Grammy nominations and awards won including a Teen Choice Award and an MTV Woodie Award. With the bands persistent work ethic, "Delilah", along with other singles from the album, carried the band into 2008 where they released their fifth album, Big Bad World, with another hit single "1,2,3,4".  The single "The Rhythm of Love" followed close behind in 2010 appearing on countless TV series and movies.
Plain White T's have promoting the release of their EP Should've Gone to Bed, which has given fans a taste of what's to come. The album displays their natural talent for writing music and is keeping fans waiting with baited breathe for the release of a full length album. They may have been off the radar for a while, but it takes time to make good music and they are sure to make it worth the wait!


Parachute has just released their third studio album, Overnight this past August. The album has brought more of an electric flare to their music and has thus far been their most successful release, reaching 15 on the Billboard 200 charts.  They have just wrapped up their Summer your and are already gearing up for their Fall tour with Plain Whit T's.

Since their graduation from the University of Virginia, Parachute has been touring with countless acts including, O.A.R., 3 Doors Down, Kelly Clarkson and the Goo Goo Dolls. The band started creating waves before their first album was even released in 2009. Their songs "She Is Love" and "Under Control" were used in Nivea's national skincare campaigns, giving them exposure any band would kill for. "She Is Love" was their first single off of their first album Losing Sleep. A love anthem that every girl wishes could be sang to her including lines like "I lost my faith in my darkest days, she makes me want to believe".  Parachute followed up with a second album, The Way It Was in 2011.

Parachute constantly stays connected with their fans through touring, videos and every type of social media.  They understand what it takes to win over a fan and that's constant communication.  Parachute is a band to watch with their tireless touring and hard to ignore charm, the band is soon to take over the mainstream airwaves.


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