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Blue Ocean Music Hall

Performances at The Blue Ocean

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The Waterboys

with Freddie Stevenson

Thursday October 24, 8pm

Price: $35  RS - Tables

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About The Waterboys

The Waterboys are known to be an ever-changing band not only with their genre of music but, with their band line-up.  They describe themselves by saying, “The Waterboys belong to no movement, genre, school or fashion…We follow the twists and trails of the music wherever it leads, wherever the adventure unfolds”. However, one thing has always remained consistent, that being the founder and creator of The Waterboys, Mike Scott.  Scott worked as the leader of the group and after successfully forming a talented band, The Waterboys came to be with their first self-titled album, The Waterboys, in July of 1983.  Their music at the time had a folk like feel and were strongly influenced by acts like Patti Smith and Bob Dylan. In the late 80s the band spent much of it’s time in Ireland picking up influences from traditional Irish music and mixing it with country and gospel influences as well.  Scott has said, “I was in love with Ireland. Every day was a new adventure, it was mythical... “.

In the early 90s the band slowly started to dissolve over their differences in opinion of what direction the band should go in.  During their dissolve the Waterboys changed their genre yet again and released a rock album called Dream Harder.  Shortly after Mike Scott became a one man band and took time to work on a solo career.

The Waterboys made a return for the release of a rock album in 2000 and have been creating music and touring since.   This summer, The Waterboys will be making multiple appearances at festivals including the Vancouver Folk Festival, the Westport Festival and the Celebrate Brooklyn Performing Arts Festival.


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