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Blue Ocean Music Hall

Performances at The Blue Ocean

WHEB presents Draw the Line Aerosmith Tribute thumb

WHEB presents Draw the Line Aerosmith Tribute

Friday October 25, 8pm

Price: $25/$20

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About Draw the Line

A powerful transformation of character far beyond just an Aerosmith tribute group, Draw the Line gives you goose bumps with memories of the 70's, the feel of the 80's and the exuberance of the 90's.

Steven Tyler doppelganger Neill Byrnes not only naturally looks like the infamous Rock Icon, but his voice naturally sounds like Tyler!  He has the tone, the mannerisms and the attitude of America's favorite rocker.  Byrnes was born and raised in the Boston area and has been a musician since the age of nine.  Starting with the trombone, then drums, then bass and eventually graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music.  Only two months into Draw the Line, he met Tyler at a lookalike contest and Tyler was so impressed by his raw talent that he referred Neill to his personal vocal coach.  Byrnes spent ten years in vocal training with Tyler's own vocal coach Mark Baxter during his college tenure at Northeastern University and beyond.  He continues to hone his craft by keeping up with Tyler's wardrobe & stage antics.


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