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Blue Ocean Music Hall


With performance venues able to open at reduced capacity, Blue Ocean is pleased to present live music again. A lot has changed for live performances over the past year, and we ask that you read the following information and guidelines to ensure you know what is included in your table purchase, understand the safety standards regarding COVID-19, and have an enjoyable experience.

• Doors at Blue Ocean will open one hour before showtime. 
• All attendees must wear a mask to enter, exit and use the restrooms. Masks may only be removed when eating or drinking at your table. 
• Social distancing is required while entering Blue Ocean. Stay 6 feet apart from others and be sure to have your tickets ready to be scanned by Box Office staff upon arrival.
• Show goers must remain seated at their table throughout the show. Guests are not permitted to stand anywhere or socialize at other tables. 
• Dancing next to your table is not permitted.
• There is no smoking allowed, no smoking area, and no re-entry. There is no intermission.
• Resale of tickets is prohibited.
• Failure to follow these guidelines could result in removal from the premises.

The State of MA requires that guests:
• Order food at the same time as an alcoholic beverage
• Wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking

• Once the show has ended, remain seated until a staff member lets you know it is time for your table to exit. Tables will exit one at a time, 6 feet apart.
• Social distancing will be required to enter restrooms.
• Exiting will be swift once the show has ended. All patrons must exit the premisis by 9:30PM per state order.

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